Yoga Classes With Delphine


Sunday 12 pm Mindful All Levels Yoga (April-October) OUTDOORS 

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

This is an outdoor all levels, come as you are; ready to heal, retreat and reset.

Come to unwind in an outdoor setting, surrounded by healing pine and towering cypress trees.

Get grounded by giving your self this lovely gift of time and connection.  In these classes we provide a non competitive, healing and a nourishing experience.  There are moments of intensity sprinkled through out the class, but it is not in the category of athletic or acrobatic yoga. It is a healing class which offers a continuous & gentle series to invite ease & health into your muscles and bones.  Roll out your mat into a safe; open-air space to practice yoga.  Designed to make you feel better, healthier and more balanced.  All levels welcomed & encouraged.

.A few Pro-Tips to make your experience even better:

1) Class is $15. You may pay your instructor for class directly when you arrive with. Cash or Venmo work great.   You are welcomed to register in advancy by   Venmo-ing  Delphine  using this link. 
Admissions to the Gardens is separate.
2) The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens is a popular place, especially on a Sunday, so parking can be tricky. Arrive early so that after checking in at the Gardens gift shop you can have a relaxing and easy stroll over to the event lawn. From where we practice we can hear the ocean, so once checked in, just walk west towards the sea.. you can’t miss us. I will have a hot cup of tea waiting for you.  Bring your tea cup!
3) Enjoy a slow paced Sunday. Please only try out postures and flows that harmonize with your healing and not a single pose more. We are here to  balance our minds, to heal, digest, rest and to slow down. There is no pressure to perform. Be hydrated and sun-screened up! Bring a towel and your yoga props. Be ready to receive.




Delphine has been teaching yoga for over 20 years, throughout the country. She focuses on the deliberate deconstruction of each pose to make a mindful and lively practice available to students of all levels. You will be invited to go deeper into your individual practice along with consistent gentle reminders to follow the breath and the bodies’ natural flow and the truth of a healing path. In her class you will find words of encouragement and you will notice her true passion for moving beyond entanglement, obstacles and for finding that delicate balance between effort and effortlessness by listening deeply to ones overarching truth. Delphine’s Yoga  isn’t about pushing or striving, it is an experience that encourages the process of helping empower individuals by increasing self-awareness and learning how to work within one’s own strengths and limitations.  More ABOUT Delphine and her trainings.

All classes follow the philosophy founded by Delphine in Empowered MindfulFLOW.  Mindfulness helps you decrease your anxiety to develop greater ease with life’s ups and downs. All levels are welcomed & encouraged in her classes , which combine Delphine Davidson’s  in-depth knowledge of safe alignment with dynamic movement. MindfulFLOW couples her creative sequencing with classical yoga, with its rigor and discipline, and the modernity of anatomy and fluid transitions. It is a deep and rewarding practice where yoga is used as a healing modality. Her classes all aim to support you in cultivating  physical health and psychological well-being using bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and mindfulness meditation techniques., with the goal of developing a focused, peaceful mind while attending to other areas of your body as well. To healing , empowered movement & life!


If you have any special needs,   if you would like me to save you a spot in any of my classes, or if you would just  like to chat before we practice together; Please give me a call or send me a text: I am here to help make your experience a safe, non-intimidating and enjoyable one!

(828) 593 9341

Tammie Gilchrest Photography 


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