The Inner Organ-Specific Rest & Refresh Program

21 Day Rest, Renew & Refresh Program.

ABOUT THE CLEANSE: This is a program aimed at slowing down, going inward, healing and approaching life with softened edges and self love.  This post will providesan in depth look at The Dew Drop Wellness 21 day experience. When you are ready to register simply click this link and you are IN! This is a whole person wellness program, not a weight loss program, there will be no calorie counting and no weigh ins, no body shaming, no food shaming, no placing value on a smaller or larger built body.  We focus on milestones and victories as a way to reset cognitive dissonance and create cognitive harmony.img_8928

The Dew Drop Wellness Cleanse is a unique program that is  carefully designed by a  Custom Wellness Advocate who really cares to know you and your goals and who is also sincerely passionate about not squeezing you into ONE dietary theory that may not fit your unique needs. There is a great herbal component and we work with the “crowding out theory” by ADDING IN great habits that can eventually phase out the ones that are not serving you any longer.   This Dew Drop Wellness experience is about slowing down and honing your intuition so that you can trust yourself again.  It is research driven, sustainable & non-gimmicky.  It is a Holistic Program that is customized to work with a busy lifestyle.

Delphine Davidson (your founder and the creator) is a Certified Holistic Clinical Family Herbalist, so you get to look forward to a strong medicinal herbal component woven into each phase of the program.

“My approach to wellness takes on a broad lens view of a whole person. As a culture we have been trained to place emphasis on food and fall into the trap of categorizing certain foods as  “good” & others as “Bad”.  The mental energy spent on berating ourselves for making a certain choice is far more harmful than the perceived “bad” food. I coach my clients to lead with curiosity and to take an investigative approach to their journey.  I believe that wellness is about connection, time in nature, community, spirituality, career, relationships, physical activity, introspection, self care &taking ourselves lightly.   I teach by steering us off of the cultural tendency to demonize certain types of foods.  Wellness is .. getting good sleep, healing trauma and working with micro milestones, celebrating them WILDLY and moving on!!”-Delphine

For Each of the Three Weeks, You will be provided with menu plans, shopping lists and recipes, follow them closely and strictly or use them as a loose scaffolding for the experience.  These come  with a list of gentle nourishing practices to add to your daily routine.  Just like in the 3 Day MiniBoot, we have taken ALL of the confusing guess work out of it for you, so that you can just sit back, relax & ease into the opportunity to fill your own cup and to be fully supported… from beginning to end.

Phase  1: Cleaning Blood & Clearing Accumulated Waste (Bowel Cleanse).

During week ONE we are clearing out, preparing and conditioning the body for liver and lymphatic flushing. Eating a delicious whole foods, plant based diet.

Phase 2 : Liver & Gall Bladder Nourish.

Week 2 is all about effectively clearing out the pathways of detoxification for the liver and gall bladder and continuing the process of conditioning the inner organs for lymphatic flushing.


Phase 3: Lymphatic Boost

In this phase we will give the major systems of the body a “break” from more difficult foods to digest so that they can get to the deeper detoxification that happens during “REST’ and that they rarely have a chance to clear.   In this phase you will embark upon a fully guided 1-3 day juice fast/lymphatic flush that has three levels to choose from.

After Phase 3:  re-integration

In this final “phase” we talk about strategizing your strong finish, what you will add back in and what you are happy to be done with permanently. Since by this phase your blood, lymph, liver, gall bladder and digestion are properly conditioned, you’ll be well equipped to add in other foods and to decipher which you may or may not be allergic to.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Cost of this Program?  $350 🙌🏽  (please ask me about scholarships and payment plans.. I don’t want $ to turn you away from this)

Have you been looking to shine your light even brighter? Stand in your power, manage your energy and live your best life? Has your body been asking for a deeper connection & renewal?


This life affirming investment in YOU includes: the following (but not limited to…)

  1. Weekly LIVE calls with the whole group. Drawing upon my expertise (a combined 30+years) and my dedication to your balanced healing journey.
  2. A delightful & fun Pampering Self-Care Package, chock-full of wonderful spa, cleansing and detoxifying tools, which, among other goodies, includes the three custom herbal tea formulas you’ll be sipping-provided to you by The Dew Drop Wellness Apothecary, created by Delphine & is delivered right to your doorstep.

  3. Hundreds of Tasty and user friendly Recipes/Menu Plan/Daily-Hourly Checklists, which are forever in your tool box.

  4. In depth “How-To” Guides, leaving no room for confusion.

  5. Aside from your healthy food shopping and possibly purchasing other cleansing, spa , detoxification tools; there are no hidden costs.

2) Can I continue to work my regular job and show up for my family while on the rest & refresh program?

Yes, this program is designed to blend, bend and flex to harmonize with your modern, busy lifestyle. You and I will strategize by adding in certain foods that we are invited to cut out. You may choose to add in fatty fish, or soft boiled eggs (as examples of what modifications can be made) .

3) Will We Be Eating Food? or Fasting?

You will be flooding your cells with mega nutrients, you will be  nourished and satisfied by a plant based-whole foods plan (menu plan and shopping lists provided). While we certainly cut out many common toxins and allergens, we will be working with the “Crowding Out”Theory which focuses less on what we are taking out of the diet and more on what we are adding in. As examples..dry skin brushing, journal writing, drinking a gallon of water a day, barefoot walking meditations, castor oil pack, enema (OPTIONAL) blood building, tongue scraping, new recipes, oil pulling etc.

I will provide guidance for the above practices. All are optional, all are suggested for your most profoundly transformational experience.

Have I left a question unanswered? Please feel free to email me.


Delphine Davidson/Owner