6 week Cleanse / FAQ

Welcome to The Dew Drop Wellness 6 weeks Group Supported Cleanse.

This is a Research Driven, Sustainable , Non-Gimmicky , Holistic Program that is specifically designed to work WITH (not against) your important obligations and busy lifestyle. It is choreographed in such a way that follows the order of efficiency for the inner organs.

Delphine Davidson (the founder and the creator) is a Certified Holistic Clinical Family Herbalist , so there is a strong herbal component woven into each phase of the detoxification program.   She is also a 500 hour certified yoga instructor who has been teaching for 13 years , so there are recommendations and videos provided for daily yoga and meditation.   To only focus upon the physical body just not enough.


It will be so great to have you!  At the foundation of the dew drop wellness cleanse is the goal to build Self-Love, nourish Self-Acceptance, increase Sustainability & encourage a connection to the planet.  Most importantly we aim to get you into a GOOD strong, natural rhythm with optimal health so that you can get to the business of shining bright & sharing your GIFTS with the world.  This is the time!   Let’s get started! Please send me a FaceBook Friend Request (not a FB user? No problem  please see the post below)  Also Check out Dew Drop Wellness’s FB page.

 What will I need to get in order to receive the most out of this whole experience?

-really all you need is  YOU ! Having a  supportive community & family is so helpful ; but through the group classes we will create supportive and enthusiastic community around you!    You might like to start looking into a high powered blender & a juicer… but these are not requirements for the cleanse.   For the juice fast in week 4 , see about borrowing a juicer from a friend; if you’re not already the proud owner of one.

How do I register?

  • Your spot is reserved upon submitting your first payment to me
  • Important NOTE:  you are not registered for this cleanse until I receive your (non-refundable) first payment. Either payment in full; or the first of your chosen payment option (below).

What is the cost? $$

The prices listed below includes ALL herbs, powders, spices and other cleansing health food items.

1) $450 paid in full

2) 2 payments of $230

3)  3 payments of $155

4) 4 payments of  $117

5) 5 payments of $95

6) 6 payments of $80

It’s my intention to begin to invite a shift with you should $MONEY$ be a topic that would  hold you back from giving yourself this amazing gift; which is a gesture of authentic self – love. this is why I am able to offer options for you to choose from.  If none of the above options will make it work for you… than let’s just talk about how to make it easier.   I am very flexible in this way; just as long as we both feel happy and balanced.  Please email me and we will work it all out!

PS. If you have wholesale accounts and would like to do all of your own shopping for the dew drop wellness herbal tea formulas and supplements, just let me know; the above #’s would change.

Will there be due dates for my payments?  Yes. I will provide you with a schedule of your entire list due dates with LOVE!  This will provide us both with some structure, but is very pliable.  If you have payment before a due date; of course you may pay with no penalty.   IF you need some leeway we can work it out.  We can make it an ongoing conversation.

Do I have to have a FaceBook Account?

Nope.  It is not a requirement to have a FB account.  However I use the page a lot through out the week in between our face to face group meetings. I will be posting news articles, new fresh recipes for you to help you along with what’s happening in your body that particular week.  Your cohort will also be posting recipes and articles of interest on the page.  Having a FB account (if even a temporary one built for you to use only while on the cleanse) is a wonderful way to really get the very most out of your investment.   Because of confidentiality and the trust that is established and created in your group; it isn’t permitted for you to use your spouse, partner or child’s FB account.    🙂

What is the time commitment?

We will meet either face to face (local groups) or via conference call (remote cleansers) once per week for an hour and a half meeting for 6 weeks in a row.  We will be IN cleanse mode for 5  actual weeks and only 3 out of those 5 weeks  are you indeed doing intensive cleansing.  It’s all relative to the individual in terms of levels of intensity and each week changes by a little bit.  In between our meetings there is a PRIVATE facebook group page from which we continue to connect on. You will also have my telephone number and email address at your finger tips (by signing up ; you become my client and  you have me at your service at all times… within reason).   Outside of the meetings,  there will be a time commitment to be created by you to spend time in your kitchen creating good healthy food for you to eat.   This becomes a critical aspect of the 6 week cleanse, but it is also important (if not required) for your own personal long term health.

What if I have to miss a class or two?   If you have to miss a few classes no biggie at all.   I record every class and then send them to anyone who had to be absent via dropBox with a digital file.    …  Of course the more group sessions you are able to attend… the more you will get out of your investment.

Can you give me a rough idea of what I’m in store for?

The dew drop wellness cleanse  is not a weight loss program , though you are likely to lose anywhere from 5-20 lbs.   if you are concerned about losing too much weight we will strategize to keep weight up. if you would like to keep it off, we will work together to make sure you don’t swing back to a weight that feels unhealthy for you.

We will meet 6 weeks in a row.  We will be eating a whole foods plant based diet the whole time.  I am not an advocate of heavy fasting, although we will do one short juice fast in week 4.  You will be provided with most of everything you need.  My goal is to make this sustainably articulated journey as EASY as possible for you and all that you have on your plate.

Yes, here is our “Loosely articulated Itinerary!!”    Subject to change.

Week 1: nervous system and cravings.

Week 2: Bowel Cleanse & optimal digestion

Week 3:  Liver Cleanse & Macronutrients

Week 4: Lymphatic system and Sea Vegetables!

Week 5: Ayurveda, Doshas &Respiratory System  ,

Week 6: Neurotransmitter deficiencies and GRADUATION!

The only equipment you will need is a juicer. And even this is optional. If you are ready to invest in one;  Please let me know if I can help you to find the right one for you.      If this document missed any of your very important question, please don’t hesitate to call me: I am here to make this a comfortable experience and I am here to answer your questions.

Looking forward to working with you ~Delphine  don’t hesitate to call me with any unanswered questions…  I am always happy to chat.

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