Delphine’s Upcoming Events

3/11  C U L T I V A T E  ~   Delphine and Heather Present! 

Full Moon Yoga Series

On each Full Moon of 2019 🌕

In the two hours we share for these sessions, you can expect to get:
1) An opportunity to RETREAT from outer world, fast pace & the overarching tech world we’re living in.
2) Long, slow, deeply THERAPEUTIC stretching & letting go of tense muscles.
3) An HERBAL TEA with Mini Lecturette on its healing powers.
4) Revisit to NATURES rhythms & you as a part of nature & not separate from it.

An April 15th ( specific to you) 21 Day Cleanse.

🍃💥On this, Specific to you & your unique needs CLEANSE / DETOX , you will learn, experience & master the following …

💥How to Hit Reset & Refresh seasonally.

💥How do use herbal medicine to support your body through the cleanse process. Herbal teas and specially curated formulas are provided for you.

💥Gain Clarity & Insights on your healing journey

💥Gain Balance

💥lighten your toxic load

💥cleanse & detoxify in an inner organ specific order for maximum-efficiency.

💥Succinct mental & physical CLARITY

💥How , going forward, to stay on track with your great goals.

💥How to support ALL of your body’s natural detoxification capacities

& more.

🍃E N J O Y🍃

🍃delicious nourishment to feed your beautiful body

🍃personalized attention

🍃your self care kit shipped straight to your doorstep

🍃group or individual support

🍃Delphines 21 day guidebook

🍃delicious & FRESH user friendly recipes.

🍃lifestyle shifts to incorporate into everyday life which help you to feel encouraged & successful

🍃YOUR health encouraged & regained … on all levels


💥this is not a diet nor weight loss program

💥no calorie counting

💥no weigh ins

💥no being told you’re not right or good or ok.

💥you won’t be judged or criticized no matter what your goal-including weight loss-

💥no powders , meal replacements or complicated regiments.

💥this program is designed by Delphine and subscribed to no specific dietary theory which could wash over your unique biodiversity.

💥no isolation or feeling deprived.


Sign up by April 1st in order to have your Pampering and Self Care Care package arrive on your doorstep well before our starting date.   Invest in YOU :  $333.  Use This Easy Link to submit payment (1) in full or (2) your first installment based upon a payment plan we have come up with together to make it work best for you.

Email Delphine with any of your questions

Eg. easy Payment plans that work for you.

Ongoing weekly YOGA Classes ( tap the photo )