“The change in my blood test results from last August to now are incredible and I can only credit the dew drop wellness cleanse. The Dr. gave me an enthusiastic HIGH FIVE and told me that  I have some of the best numbers he’s ever seen and my cholesterol may be the best he’s ever seen in his career!  I was tickled to experience this  quick improvement. We can all see how our skin and nails change during the cleanse… And we all know we feel an improvement! But it’s awesome when you can see the results of what’s going on inside. Thank you!”
 -Amanda Morissey , Social Media Expert, long distance runner 

 “This cleanse  has really helped change my attitude toward food and because of it I have been having an easier time making way better choices.
It was a GREAT education in nutrition. Delphine Davidson is an awesome teacher and an all around awesome lady.
I have to share that the CRAZIEST thing I experienced from this cleanse was a dramatic improvement in circulation. My hands and feet were always SO cold that sometimes I couldn’t sleep. Now I’m completely warm, head to toe. That’s SO exciting for me.”
– Rachael Bouissey , analytical scientist & chemist

“Oh my goodness! The cleanse was the best thing I have done for myself in years! I lost 10 pounds, identified food sensitivities and eating behaviors I am now able to manage. I’m back on track with exercising regularly. I have increased mental clarity and focus about my health and life goals. The cleanse helped me refocus my attention on what my body and life really needs. Delphine provides clear guidance, a wealth of information, recipes, teas, activities, and loving support during an exhilarating 7 week process. I recommend the cleanse to everyone. And in case you were wondering, it is possible to hold down a stressful full time job and successfully cleanse. I know, I did it!”
-Lonnie Mathieson , Home Health Provider, Optimal Health Enthusiaste

“Do this. Trust me. Delphine is an amazing fabulous loving compassionate sassy woman who won’t make you feel bad about falling off the wagon a time or two along the cleansing journey. I’m eternally grateful for the knowledge I now have about what it feels like to be clean. Gooooooood stuff!”
-Susan Lightfoot , Executive event/community Organizer, Impassioned Dancer

“I think Delphine is the perfect coach to lead this type of cleanse. She is very knowledgeable, supportive and motivating. Delphine was always available to give feedback and made me feel like no question was stupid. The decision to participate in this cleanse program was one of the best I’ve made in a long time- wish I had done it sooner!   I loved learning ways to eat more whole foods and less animal protein, sugar and dairy. Adopting these new habits over a 7 week period allowed me to see how they affect my body, especially when it comes to hormonal issues I’ve experienced over the past 18 months or so. Besides the hot flashes being minimized immensely, I’m also sleeping much better and lost 17 pounds.  I also Decreased diet coke consumption and don’t want to drink anymore!. Thank you Delphine!!”
-Lisa Deane, boutique owner Sausalito CA.   lisalebowdesigns.com/

“As I transition out of the cleanse into a longer-term maintenance practice, I feel grateful for the structure and support–both personal and in the way of technical information–I have received while on this program. Although I consider myself generally knowledgeable about health and wellness, the structured program was pivotal, as was the ability to practice the myriad forms of cleansing, with support. Delphine gives of herself generously, and her grounded, informed enthusiasm for wellness are palpable in her demeanor as well as in the weekly “lecturettes” which have helped me identify a manageable, sustainable path of self care. I feel motivated to proceed and look forward to participating in my next supported cleanse with Delphine, which I recommend to anyone interested in improving their health.”
-Diane Devore, LCSW San Diego therapist, and Holistic Health Enthusiast 

“The past 7 weeks have been some of the hardest weeks of my life. I am self diagnosed food addict with an insatiable sweet tooth and I knew I needed some sort of change in my life. 2013 was going to be the year I changed my life, my outlook my body, my mind. I first learned about Delphine and the 7 week cleanse from a good friend of mine, she had recently cleansed and the results she got were above and beyond what she thought they would be. My first thought was “wow I need to lose some weight for the summer, sign me up!!” As I reach the final weeks of my cleanse that statement is far from what this cleanse truly did for me. Weight loss was a great by-product but I got so much more from it, so much more than I thought I would. I learned how to nourish my body instead of just feeding it, I learned how to eat to live and not live to eat and most important I learned how to live without eating sweets and junk food everyday. There were times where I wanted to curl up with a Cadbury bar and a gallon of triple chocolate Ben and Jerry’s special of the week and weep away my sorrows and emotions, but I didn’t. I did something I have never done in my life, I stayed strong and the only reason I was able to was because of Delphine’s guidance and support and the group. Delphine’s subtle guidance helped me self-realize what was wrong in my life and how I needed to address it. This lifestyle change was not about a set schedule of food and exercise but more of adjusting your current situation to nourish your body correctly. By week 3 I had absolutely no cravings for anything. I didn’t want for anything except for food and only when I was hungry, I am not really sure how that happened but that has to be one of the best feelings I have ever had. Not to crave sugar or a treat after a meal give you a feeling of liberation from food I have never felt before and that is what I am grateful for and every minute I spent on this cleanse was worth that feeling. Thank you, Delphine and all that you do to make this world a better place.”
-Unnati Pattel ,Mother, Marathon Runner 

” Having just completed a 21 day cleanse with Delphine I feel wonderful in my body. The entire experience was lovingly directed by Delphine. Throughout, She was a consistent companion, directing each aspect of the cleanse with delicately designed directions and thoughtfully crafted herbal teas. She gave personal attention to each one of my personal concerns for the cleansing experience and I felt nourished and nurtured throughout. I would highly recommend Delphine and Dewdrop Wellness for both experienced and neophyte cleansers.”

“I found myself effortlessly shifting into a healthier way of living. By creating a template of what healthy feels like, I naturally know what foods, thoughts, activities take me away from that feeling. I also learned to give myself loving attention, which naturally leads to balance, rather than loathingly taking away “the bad stuff”. Delphine is a most warm and loving guide through this process, leading through her own radiance and example.”
– Brooke Smith, Yoga Instructor, Tango Dancer, women’s ritual and circle leader

“Taking care of your mind and body is a huge personal  responsibility – something none of us should take lightly. By staying open to the myriad of wonderful possibilities that can make this personal journey as joyful as possible, I would like to recommend one of Delphine’s Cleanse Programs. Delphine is one of the most joyful and genuine women I have met since moving to the coast. She has solid credentials and has a true desire to make a positive impact on helping with healthy changes and choices that can last and evolve a lifetime. Thank you Delphine – thank you so very much.
Vanna Freeberg  http://www.elopemendocino.com/

“I felt totally supported by Delphine. Always available for questions and clarifications. Understanding how things flow within the cleanse and nurturing when needing boosting. I really like that Delphine provided the teas, body brush, tongue scrapper and other supportive items we needed for this cleanse. Made it easier than having to go and buy each thing on our own.  I have definitely made a shift in the way I eat and relate to food. One that will continue to be a part of me. I lost 10 pounds and love feeling and looking stronger. I feel more clear headed and more mindful of decisions, not just relating to what I choose to eat.”
Ruth Rosenblaum , Owner Frankies 

“I loved the feeling of empowerment that was growing a little more each week as I was exercising and exploring my will. It felt great (and a bit consumed) taking more time to honor my healthy self and showering my temple with new and forgotten acts of self love. Tea preparation, body brushing and scrubbing, seaweed baths, tongue scraping,
self massaging, conscious eating, water chugging, lemon squeezing, oil swishing, meditation, early morning writing, candle burning, walks, deep breathing and so on. And yes, I did experience tangible and positive changes in connection with my specific goals! I also come to LOVE the women that I got to meet and share with on an intimate level. I SO appreciated the weekly relevant and thoughtful presents as well as the teas you welcomed us with each week!”
-Sophie Randone, Private Chef

 “Thank you , Delphine , for your hard work and dedication to the group. I am honored to have been part of the inaugural group. and I cannot wait to see how it evolves. Great Job”
-Amy Wall , Owner at Love, Amy Skin Care & Mendocino Beauty

“Delphine is a great Health Coach! I think it is fantastic to have someone who is supportive and makes you feel okay for being you. Very empowering. Thank You!!”   -Heather Guweritz, Director Womens Business Development Center

“Delphine, your cleanse has just kick started my mind and health in such a powerful direction that I truly can’t thank you enough. It was so amazing to have such wonderful chats and educational talks about all the wonderful things we discussed…. Life, health, nutrition, diet… all my fav topics! It has set me into a new high gear of healthy living that I needed and I have never felt better. And I am a healthy conscious aware human being that tries hard, but I needed more and you offered that in such a easy, fun, exciting way. Funny you don’t know what you need sometimes until it arrives. So I needed your cleanse and I can honestly say it has altered me into a healthier, wiser more inspired person.”
-Erin Evans, Owner of Hot Yoga of Mendocino

“Delphine is a wonderfully gifted and informed herbalist and instructor. She holds a very safe and supportive space for her clients.  It has been a pleasrue to participate in her cleansing programs. I will most difinitely be bringing these new recipes into the New Year!”
-Rosy Nolan, Yoga Instructor, Musician

 “Thank you for your Integrative approach!  I have learned new ways to change the way I eat forever and how foods and teas will help me to succeed in whole nutrition for the rest of my life!”
Kali DenBeste, Hair Designer , Artist

“I loved it! This cleanse definitely helped me, especially in the midst of the Holiday craziness. I really feel like it gave me a good foundation to rely upon.  I loved the group of ladies and found you to be a knowledgeable health diva leading by example and love. Keep me posted it you do a part 2!”
-Brienna Hall-Riciardi, Fine Metal Artist and Designer

“Delphine is a gentle, loving, and knowledgeable guide for those who are interested in making deep changes in their lives. This cleanse is not just for people who want to change their diet or lose weight; it is intended to create lasting change in multiple areas of our lives.”
Liz Peterson , Graphic Designer and Arbonne Skin Care Consultant

Delphine is a wealth of knowledge and a wonderfully caring and inspirational woman. she can give you tools, tips and support to affect big changes within yourself. Her approach is gentle and considers you as a whole being. I am so very thankful to her and feel blessed to have gotten to have this experience.”
Elika Freeman  ; Dancer, Ionic foot bath expert

“I am incredibly clear and focused because of the cleanse. My body, mind, spirit connection is in great harmony. I know exactly what I want and need. I am more patient, I sleep better, and my heart is open. I am delighted in the true self I have discovered on this 7 week journey.
My skin is clear, I have more energy, and people stop to tell me I’m beautiful all the time!
-Kristi Bohlen , outdoor educator, dancer, aerial silks expert, Zumba instructor, 

“I feel so much healthier after this 7-week cleanse experience! I crave “real foods” and I can’t get over that. I have completely given up coffee (my body doesn’t want it around); I have increased my water intake, added new foods to my diet FOREVER, and nourish myself (mentally and physically) more than ever! I can honestly say this cleanse experience has changed my life forever. It is a jumpstart to my new life and exactly what I needed in this time and place. I will be forever grateful to dear Delphine! LOVE YOU!”- Angeline Kyle, forester, jewelry artist. 
“Looking back, I can honestly say that I loved every bit of our 7 week cleanse group! There were some rough bits, but those made the benefits of healthy eating practices, making room for self reflection and self love, a happy tummy and leaving with a rockstar circle of supportive ladies, all the sweeter! I have taken away from this cleanse a wealth of knowledge on how to heal my body through food, herbal remedies, and rituals of self care that I know will become an integral part of how I live my life from here on out.”-Alex Keenum , antiques collector
 “This cleansing experience has reached me more deeply than I expected, and at the same time, reached me just as I expected. Initally, I wasn’t sure of what kind of changes I would experience…what was reasonable, what was fantasy, how do they work together, and how would a cleanse really help me reach these so-called goals? Within the framework of looking at yourself as a whole (the first meeting, and the chart) I was able to see where I wasn’t meeting my own needs. By having 7 weeks of time where I focused on myself, I was able to evaluate what I needed more of, what I needed less of. I became less doubtful and afraid, as I realized I could do these things that before had seemed somehow intangible. I was able to lose weight that I thought was impossible. I found a rhythm to myself, where I am able to wake early, exercise, and start my day without caffeine (well, mostly!). For me, many of these changes I know will stick. I don’t want to say “I hope” they will, because that’s not empowering enough. I have a choice, and I choose that YES, I like myself, and I choose to take better responsitiblity and care of myself, which allows me to be stronger for my family, and that’s important. I still have more goals, and they all seem tangible now. “
-Cynthia Audo , Speech Therapist.

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