Gorgeous Herbal Skin Care Product Line

img_5852   Welcome to Dew Drop Wellness’s sister Company Days Pharm & the Entire Food Grade Gorgeous Skin Care Line.  CLICK RIGHT HERE TO ORDER

Brought to you for Brilliant, quenched & glowing Skin.


Try any of my beautiful Products. They are food grade and organic… and since your skin is your largest organ of elimination and detoxification; it only makes sense that you’d be choosing digestible, chemical, fragrance and preservative FREE products for your beautiful skin.   


⚡️Enjoy the Ultra-Pristine Licorice Root, Lemon Grass, Lemon Peel Cleanser $15.

⚡️Our Ultra-Natural Tangerine, Cucumber,Parsley Toner $15.

⚡️The Ultra-Nutrient Face Cream $30.

⚡️Or the whole Trio for $55.

 I invite you to use them each generously, use the cosmetic spatula that I provide you with and store it in a cool dry place.  All of that is because it is a fragrance, additive and preservative FREE  product and I’d like to help you to extend it’s precious shelf life.  

Stay in touch and so will I!  


with genuine enthusiasm for your radiant and healthy skin & also for a healthy planet, The Creator of Ultra-Nutrient Face Cream: Delphine  Davidson   Yoga SessionsSeasonal CleansingPersonalized Health PlansAbout Delphine

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