What is a Custom Wellness Advocate?

As your (Anti-Diet) Custom Wellness Advocate I will focus with you on the subtle aspects of your healing journey. With you and your unique needs at the forefront of EVERYTHING we do.

Together we will emphasize intuition, self acceptance & your empowerment. I will help you step by step to embrace a new mindset.

Welcome. Congratulations on finding your way here.  You are here because:

1) You are DONE with the painful or unkind thoughts you have about yourself and your body. On your healing journey, you are at standstill and are unfulfilled by common modalities in health care.  You want to empower your current healing plan.

2) You are READY to create changes using body kindness and to take significant steps toward achieving your health goals.  You are ready to work with a practitioner who cares for your unique self.  You are ready to depart from diet culture.

3) You are WILLING to ask for help to decipher the bedrock and topography of your specific health needs. You are willing to cocreate a road map leading to your experience of optimal health.

As a Custom Wellness Advocate  I am truly  interested in your story. I will ask you about your goals and explore what informs those goals.  Together we will get creative and cultivate methods to find your new road map to empowered health.  As an herbalist I work with all types of medical diagnostic theories and take an integrated approach.

My passion lies in getting more people to feel good, alive and glowing, so that our world can be a better place now and in future generations. Self care and self acceptance are at the foundation of everything I do.

I draw from my expertise as an Integrated Nutrition Specialist, A Yoga Instructor, A Meditation Practitioner. In addition I utilize my knowledge of Western Herbs, Mudra, Pranayama and other ancient techniques, which aim at achieving a more wholehearted life experience in all areas.

Photo Mar 24, 3 37 15 PM

There are many techniques that have been applied in the past, in the name of “health”  and as a rule I aim to stay current on the most uplifting ways to get you where you’d like to be, so there will be:

🍃NO Weigh ins

🍃NO calorie counting

🍃Nor will use shame as a way to “motivate”. In my practice I steer clear of diet culture & work with you to cultivate trust and instinct in your relationship to yourself.

Finally, I am proud to hold certificates and trainings from It’s Yoga and Subtle Yoga . I am also A Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Certified Clinical Traditional Family Herbalist.  I am certified by The Institute Of Integrated Nutrition and The Appalachian School for Medical Herbalism .



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