How to Order & a sweet little story

For Brighter, Happier Skin.


& Now for the story!  
My seven year old niece and I made an amazing fresh batch of my Mega Nutrient Face Cream (also known as Ultra-Nutrient Face Cream) yesterday and I wanted to let you know it is FRESH and just about 24 hours old… & ready to be shipped near and far! 

Often Olive is around when I get into my production kitchen, but yesterday she was hands on from beginning to end.  She was VERY interested in the whole process. From perching herself up on a high stool & meticulously cleaning out each (already sterilized) jar and lid, to scooping the organic coconut oil in with the proprietary herbal blended and infused (by me) oils, to adding fresh lavender to watching the oils solidify over time; she was present and curious.  Then, as we poured the dreamy finished product into it’s individual jars she looked up at me and exclaimed with genuine enthusiasm,  “I think this is the most beautiful batch you have ever made!” 

My heart swelled! I’ve been at it for 12 years now… lovingly being an alchemist, mixing, blending and emulsifying this skin loving & luxurious product and she was absolutely right!

The funny thing is, is that I actually believe it is true about yesterday’s batch.  But my sister (my very, very close friend & her mom Havana) and I have often joked that I say this every time I make a new batch.  I actually feel like it is, on the day that I make it: the greatest one I have ever made.  It’s an inside joke between my sister and I that speaks volumes as to just how much I love the process and how much I stand by & absolutely love this product.  I love that Olive picked up on that (whether she had ever heard me say it or not) She gets it. and if she wants it, I will likely pass the secret recipe and the tradition onto her. … someday.

I love that it is a product that is good for the planet, that is made with integrity and high standards, with no additives or chemicals, I love that it is rich and deeply moisturizing without feeling gooey or cakey, I love that it soaks into skin cells in a clear and natural way without leaving residue. I love that it is edible! I love that it fills lines and plumps cells. Most of all:  I love that I created it and I love that I get to share it with people like you who value a healthy planet, local businesses, homemade aritisinal goods, an honest cottage industry and small batches of amazing things!

I mean to say… who wouldn’t want to be able to generously slather such things as sea palm with it’s collagen boosting and cell plumping properties, green tea with it’s antioxidant rich qualities, rose hips, hibiscus, lavender and rose petals as the champions of vitamin C, antioxidants and astringent qualities plus coconut oil for its lavish nutrifying & profoundly healing benefits  onto their own thirsty, sun damaged or dry skin?  

All of this to say, I really hope you are enjoying your jar (if you’ve ordered from me in the past) and if you need to give it as a gift to anyone, I am happy to ship it anywhere (as you know) 😉

or … of course, if you need your next fresh jar, I am here for you, let me know by simply replying to this email, I will ship a jar or two (or however many you require) to you, or your very deserving, discerning  loved one right away. 
I invite you to use it generously, use the cosmetic spatula that I provide you with and store it in a cool dry place.  All of that is because it is a fragrance, additive and preservative FREE  product and I’d like to help you to extend it’s precious shelf life.  

Stay in touch and so will I! 

with genuine enthusiasm for your radiant and healthy skin & also for a healthy planet, The Creator of Ultra-Nutrient Face Cream: Delphine  Davidson

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