5 Tools for Rocking This Spring Season.

A new SPRING season is right around the corner. Quite literally. What a wonderfully wet winter we have had, our soil (& our souls) feel sufficiently quenched. Finally!

The Equinox will be on March 20th to be precise !  and I’m excited because a seasonal shift invites a much needed opportunity to slow down, pull back and assess what is working and what is not. It is a great time to grab wider view and to take inventory .

So, I invite you to ask yourself; what is working for you ?

Furthermore: what is working for you spiritually , emotionally and physically ?   You can meditate on these  3 areas. Focusing on what IS working is a refreshing change, and the invitation is to simply feel all of that good & to reside in that wonderful feeling.. expanding gratitude.

And, while we are here : What is no longer working for you?  Just to dig in a bit.
With out going crazy about it, let’s just simply invite shift in these areas. As humans we often  tend to stick around in relationships long after we have finished learning from them. And long into the time when they are no longer a part of our uplifted healing journey.  I’m talking about all relationships, such as relationships to certain foods, thinking habits, conditioned consciousness , negative self talk, people, careers etc.  It’s not always cut and dry and rarely does the clarity just “come to us” so incorporating certain habits to increase your awareness is at the foundation of what I’m talking about.
This invitation to dig in has the potential to be BIG stuff , but it’ll only be big for you when you’re really ready to shift it. If you are feeling READY than read on.

I am going to provide you with some  tools for BIG shift: body , mind and spirit. Tools that you can apply and use for this upcoming season  in a little bit.

A note on NATURE. By being a part of nature we don’t have to fight it if suddenly we find ourselves feeling  “OFF, out of whack, extra emotional, foggy or sluggish.  This is a natural response to a seasonal shift.  You might notice this fogginess get extra pronounced around 4 times a year.  I say, Go with it!  Cancel plans, be in nature, unplug from your device and drink more cleansing water. Invite the systems of your body to release unwanted sludge.

Winter is almost officially over & we have by our very nature,  been hibernating and gestating seeds.  We have been gestating and nourishing both seeds for  food to feed our bodies  & of course seeds of intentions … & YES, go there with every analogy you possibly can, because  I love to remind you that “you are a part of nature , not separate from it ”  .  Your intentions are seeds to be planted and your thoughts are prayers . Every single one of them.

And now for your Spring Time Guide, 5 very simple tips to keep you on track and realizing your highest potentials.

1) RECOMMIT TO THINK POSITIVELY. One way to do this is to add life affirming thoughts to your days in order to see miracles happen and to see things shifting.  It can take some time, of course, so don’t lose heart. But do keep track, because when we really start noticing, then we begin seeing it more and more. What was once the occasional coincidence becomes a daily “wow moment”.   Keep on affirming and allowing yourself to feel into the gratitude that would emerge were these prayers, intentions and dreams to come true . Feel the gratitude before the desired result. This will help it to come to life.
Notice when the critical thinker comes in and is hurting or holding back your evolution and with that “Flip the Script”.  Try to switch up negative thoughts to kinder more uplifting ones.   I love to help people with this with easy quick strategizing sessions in Lifestyle and Health Coaching.  Go Ahead… simply click here to book time with me. Your first session is totally free and also free of obligatory or sales pitchy stuff.

Also Spring time is about ABUNDANCE.  FERTILITY.  CREATIVITY. AND SELF EXPRESSION. So while  you’re picking up that I am encouraging you to slow down and take inventory, pull back a bit, let go & to assess . It is also a season  for  receptivity  and invite IN goodness and ADD in new great things and practices.   YES!  Do  all of that slowing down and energetically pulling back,  with the  intention to ready and steady yourself for a Spring Time Season of success creativity and abundance.
think positively
Back to my list of a few things that I have found to be helpful for me !

Maybe it’s time to try a new group class or a live yoga class with a real instructor . Maybe you are ready to join up with a supportive crew, all of whom are also on a journey of self discovery, healing and balance.
I also re-up practices of daily meditation and pranayama (breathing) at seasonal shift times.  I’ll dig a bit deeper into meditation and pranayama in my upcoming Full Moon Mellow Yoga Session.

The body system most effected by Spring Time,  or the system of your body that would like the most attention from you now is DIGESTION.  Water, when chugged at the appropriate times of day (not with your food & not cold ) can really help with digestion and detoxification .

I suggest sipping at least 3 quarts of warm water with lemon, raw ginger root slices or lime with cucumber or mint ? Just to make it interesting and delicious  (and these days I’m adding a sprig of fresh rosemary~ it looks beautiful floating around in my mason jar and makes drinking water feel luxurious & special). Often times when we are feeling sad, or experiencing intense cravings …  we are just thirsty.  See what happens when you change up (not only limiting thoughts) but your thirst blueprint too.
spa water .jpg

Find ways to nourish your physical  body , but also your emotional and spiritual bodies. What are those each missing these days?
Do you have a good friend who allows you to be completely yourself? Are friendships feeding you or draining your energy?  (I know… more inventory) . I suggest surround yourself with NOURISHING connections.   Are your thoughts highly critical ? are you dwelling in self acceptance ? or self Hatred?  You might want to set an intention to NOURISH your emotional / spiritual body with more meditation or affirmations of self acceptance.   Take time for yourself to regroup, write in your journal and pamper yourself: body, mind & spirit .  Also nourishing is home cooked food! This is a big step in getting yourself strong and healthy. Food prep (especially healthy food) can take a lot of time.  One thing I’m working on is picking one day a week to do my food shopping and food prep. And then through out the week I have healthy things to choose from rather that waiting until  my blood sugar is low and making poor choices.  Convenient foods are more often than not, not your healthiest most life giving choices. Have you tried Kitchari yet? I’ll bet your body would really LOVE that right now.
Spring Cleaning as a concept can seem daunting , you might want to just start with one small goal . Set a timer ( 25 minutes?) and take JUST that much time ( & not one minute longer)  to tackle that project : Your sock drawer (or basket in my case) , the jars , or pile of bags , of bulk foods in your pantry?  You might create a schedule  , sort of like the food prep days , where you bite off a bit at a time and consider it an ongoing lifestyle shift!

And for your physical body.   Just know that  you do not have to sign up for anything , you may need an expert by your side coaching through or you may just want to  start by cutting out  the nutritionally void, toxic, processed foods  , like processed sugars , grains , oils, or processed animal products (as in ALL OF THAT PROCESSED “food” THAT INCREASES METABOLIC WASTE & BOGS YOUR HARD WORKING BODY DOWN… making you feel tired and irritable) …   but try not to  focus too much of your energy on cutting these processed foods out, lean more on what you are adding into your daily life: things like  plenty of healthy fats and plant-based proteins, Fun  Delicious Spa Water , nourishing connections, a high powered probiotic, how you are healing your gut with  your fermented veggies , other fun and healthy recipes you are adding in that support this successful seasonal shift.  Maybe a healthy, life affirming, Seasonal 3 day Detox which I recently completely rewrote and which focuses on your bodies NATURAL abilities to heal and to detoxify,  one that is drenched in self love and positivity, lead by me would be helpful to deciphering  what is fueling your body and what (like coffee , sugar or alcohol ) might be depleting it. Finally I will also be offering my (new & improved) longer 21 day (specific to you) Holistic Cleanse. Hop on the healing bandwagon.

 Thanks for hanging out for all of my meanderings I am hoping that this article is finding you smiling big and feeling fantastic.  Happy Spring.
Here are all of my upcoming events   I sure do  hope to see you soon!
Love Delphine


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