A Happy Healthy Gut …

…is a very very good thing.

Hello Friends !  I just had great success making probiotic rich kraut so …  I got jazzed to write to you about it. Contained herein:  my new favorite Kraut recipe and how to make it. Reflections on this New Year thus far and in true Delphine fashion ; ,several rabbit holes and a whole LOTTA genuine excitement for you to thrive and succeed in all that you do!

  Yes , we are just Halfway through the first month of  2018 !  and I think it’s a great time to reset!! You might be in need of a little 🍃three day reset🍃 & In fact I am not afraid to share with you some of my goals …  ONE of them is to reset every two weeks , to create a new fresh fun goal and follow through with it.  Keep the ones I really love … as in continue to give them time to steep and to do their work and let the others go.   I am working with my own psychology here, Growing wiser is just so great that way.

As many of you know ; I prefer , as a general rule , to talk about what is going well & continuing along that projection. Keeping it positive while practicing discipline and care.  I aim to be as healthy as I can be . In my relationships and in particular my relationship to myself.  Healthy & Balanced are my key ingredients.  I like to crowd out the “bad” with GOOD additions and activities and also as a general rule I like to focus upon what I am ADDING in , rather than joining up with the terrible and ineffective mess that is (horribly and appropriately referred to as)  “janurhexia”.    It is a disordered cultural phenomenon .  So let’s rebel & Let’s add in ! & let’s be healthy on more levels than just physical body-wise.  Being healthy includes body , mind and spirit and asks us to become mindful of where our dreams and goals are really coming from .  A regular Yoga Class (among other modalities) with an informed  teacher can help you to cultivate that awareness and to sift through conditioned consciousness around patterns and limiting thoughts.

Yes!! all that and more about your GUT. There is a direct connection between gut health and mental health.  Your (head) brain needs your (gut) brain to be healthy and thriving. More and more studies are surfacing connecting improvements in people suffering from depression  to probiotics! That is huge.  A good probiotic Intake can help our lives internally and externally in more ways than we may know.

More about my intentions:   I have a distinct goal to take charge of my inner terrain and to implement a powerful probiotic into my every day life . I also aim to use fermented veggies and kraut (homemade by me … of course) as a way to get my inner bacterial culture & microbiome thriving again!!  I’m loving the mission & today I’m fired up because I just took my first batch of 2018 out of it’s fermenting station and tasted it.  To my surprise and delight it was DELICIOUS!! So I’m pumped to share it with you !

Your gut culture ( that really is what it is … a culture of good and bad bacterias) may be suffering too & you may wish to hop on my band wagon  if you had a consistent or have:

  1. a consistent stint of drinking alcohol regularly .
  2. been eating lots of sugar (refined and unrefined).
  3. have taken several rounds of antibiotics in your life , or even just recently.
    Time to Get to know your happy healthy GUT! and restore your probiotic culture. 
  • feeling lethargic, foggy headed and sad.
  • So .. .are you ready?  Let’s get “CULTURED!!”   our aim is to “CROWD OUT” the bad bacteria , with the good bacteria … much like I like to do as I mentioned above , ‘focus on adding in!’ not taking out.   So I tend to constantly add in GREAT healthy , healing things into my lifestyle to keep myself on the healthy and non isolated or deprived track.  

Your gut is amazing and I could talk about it for days , but I will leave you with these few fun facts and get you to your much anticipated simple kraut recipe.   I’m calling it mine , bc I added my two favorite healing seeds  and it turned out (in my humble opinion) AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! so enjoy & enjoy the incredible benefits .

Your gut:

  1. contains 2/3 of your immune system
  2. connects to your bodies ability to create saratonin ( a mood booster)
  3. has over 200 lymph nodes (filtering out toxins)
  4. when only the recipient of love and acceptance , cultivates creativity and passionate flow .  belly hatred blocks creative flow and keeps us stuck in old patterns
  5. is over 4 miles long!! (the small intestine that is) and is  processing every single thing you present it with (including emotional toxins) . By processing i mean enzymatically and using surface area, turning foods into usable energy and building blocks for your brain, blood, bones, muscles and more! in addition to cleaning out stuck stuff and replenishing all systems.

Just a few fun facts … well clearly I will have to write another post about this topic as I am bursting with excitement to share more with you on the topic.

Here is what I made recently 

Gather  supplies and ingredients :

supplies : 1 crock or several quart size mason jars (sterilized), a long sharp knife or mandolin ,  a cutting board , a large salad or serving bowl . your clean hands , good music!

4 green or purple cabbages , purple have a higher nutrition / antioxidant value , but I like the way the green looks .   huh.   silly I know . Both are highly nutritive so I’d switch back and forth.

Plenty of salt

1 + Tbs black mustard seeds

1+ Tbs cumin seeds whole

Make IT.

Take 5 or 6 whole cabbage leaves off of the outer cabbage and set aside.

Cut each cabbage into quarters to start and then thinly slice each quarter using your knife or mandolin into the large bowl , after each quarter is sliced into the bowl , spend some time massaging the cabbage to break up it’s plant cell walls and to effectively make your brine.  don’t add water unless you really need to or were not able to make a brine by massaging.

While massaging , sprinkle with ample salt and some of the mustard and cumin seeds.

Repeat until all quarters are in the bowl. You may add more mustard seeds and cumin too.  Continue massaging . and then transfer to your crock or mason jars .

This crock pictured above ( made by Havana Davidson … my sister amazing ceramic artist of functional goods) has the weight and a nice lid. You can find similar products online , or just use mason jars with white PB free plastic lids.

Ensure that your brine is over the top of all vegetable matter, you can create a seal with whole cabbage leaves ( seen below) and a weight over the top of the seal to ensure all cabbage stays UNDER THE BRINE .

Store in a cool dark place .

Check on it periodically .

if you see mold , clear it off and continue fermenting.  Bubbles are good ! it means things are working.  Your kraut is done ( in 3-6 weeks) when the cabbage has softened  & you can taste a slightly fermented flavor. It’s gone too long if it is slimy and overly vinegary flavored.

Enjoy , my favorite way , on toast with avocado.

over salads  & in soups .

or just by itself outa the jar with a fork! happens to be what I am doing … right now!   to your healthy guts!

Love Delphine and Dew Drop Wellness.  A super great lineup of events for you to hop in on.


To you pampering yourself & to  your revitalized Health. ~Delphine Book Time With Me


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