Your Complete 24 hour spa day !

A 24 Hour Spa Day & Wellness Flush Brought to you By Dew Drop Wellness! 

We  at Dew Drop Wellness invite you to ,    

Start off the new year right by treating yourself to the luxury of an at-home spa day in the comfort of your own home!

I’ve taken all the prep work out of it for you so you can simply enjoy yourself and reap the benefits of a full day of rejuvenation.  21EA54AF-B586-403A-AFCA-ACAFD1306B85

My at-home Spa package includes:  

  1. A 45  minute detoxifying yet gentle  yoga practice lead by me.  
  2. A wellness FLUSH.
  3. An audio with a  guided meditation which if followed by  guidelines laid out for you to follow throughout your personal  At Home Spa Day.
  4. An hour by hour checklist for you to follow with the entire day
  5. Recipes!  For  herbal tea , the 24 hour menu  , face masks , alkalinizing baths and warm oil massage plus homemade face mask. It is all  mapped out for you.
  6. Toning Elixers , and other At Home Spa Recipes from my Apothecary.
  7. A plan and an invitation to continue this healing  routine on a seasonal , monthly or weekly basis.
  8. Me… on your team!  

After an  at-home spa day you’ll be:

-Energized and refreshed!

-clear and balanced.

-Alert and light!

-Less Bloated … naturally!

-Ready to tackle your next steps.

-One day of relaxation can : Decrease stress hormones , boost your immune system, assist with weight loss  and aid in heart health. 

-Taking care of yourself in this lovely way will create a platform where , In all other areas of your life you are  , more effective , succinct and efficient.

-Relaxed , Rejuvenated and Rested , having taken some much needed time out to pamper yourself.

-Better equipped to proceed with goals and intentions. You’ve been giving a lot to others… it’s your time now.

-Given the jump start you need to move forward to what is next for you .

-Already feeling the great benefits of clean eating.  

-Feeling Good in your body , which means , Feeling good in your life!

& More! img_3841
Normally priced at$99, I’m offering this package for$77 if you purchase anytime in the month of January… that is before midnight on 1/30 so that you can ring in this new year  with a commitment to your health and wellbeing-you deserve that in 2018!

Signing up is simple:

1) click this  link  , or the link below that reads:  “I’m Ready to Pamper!” , provide me with the email address that I can send you the package to, and I’ll send it to you right away.

2) enter the amount $77 if before January 30th at midnight , or $99 any day thereafter.

3) When Prompted : please select “sending $ to friends & family” or use Venmo. … my new favorite.

4) sit back and relax as information starts coming through to you!  

I cannot wait to support you in this way!

Love Delphine

ps … Need a 21 Day Cleanse?img_4718

I’m Ready To Pamper!


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