TriDoshic Nourishing Kitchari

Delphine’s Ayurvedic Healing & Nourishing Kitchari-

•Ignite digestive Fire

•Unbloat the Belly

•Digest well again

My various tweaks and modifications make this a nontraditional kitchari & also not specifically indicated for one of the three dosha (imbalance) , but still VERY healing & VERY delicious!! Try it out, experiment with different recipes and make it JUST the way you like it.
Here are a few of the reasons I am fanatical about it these days:

1) kitchari ingredients are Medicinal , cleansing and tummy soothing . Eating this nourishing food is a great way to get a healthy dose of turmeric , ginger , onions and garlic- digestive , anti-inflammatory , carminitive , etc. For weight loss , cleansing and pain reducing properties.
2) you’re in control over how much CILANTRO you add , but I recommend : a hefty dose to take advantage of all that it provides –vitamins a, d , k & c plus helps with heavy metal detoxification. Plus GREAT phytonutrients !
3) Clarified Butter Or GHEE ( melted and stirred in) – warm up to healthy FATS , they are amazing for your skin & bones and also feed your brain.
4) Lime Juice – for a big shot of vitamin C – which is cancer fighting , immune boosting , anti oxidant rich.
5) Not to mention the LONG list of the other spices that are great for your heart , immune system , digestion , blood and bones ! this is a SUPER food in it’s own right!!

Read more right here , for what Dr . Douillard says about what is so amazing about kitchari (kitchadi)

For a traditional recipe use white jasmine rice and yellow split moong dahl.
Yellow Split mung dahl is difficult to find , you can get it at asian specialty stores and online . So feel free to use brown rice if you prefer .. you can even use Quinoa.
Honestly I am LOVING it in it’s traditional form –white jasmine rice
And then choose any “bean” of your choice
Yellow, green or red lentils all work
Mung beans or yellow moong dahl when you can find it.

Gather & Prep Ingredients:
2 cups white rice
1 cup yellow moong dahl
3 tbs coconut oil
one whole white onion peeled and chopped into small pieces
3-5 medium sized garlic cloves / diced
1/8 tsp garam marsala
1 inch fresh ginger root (grated into spices with a microplaner)
½ inch fresh turmeric root (grated into spices with a microplaner)
½ tsp black mustard seeds
¼ tsp cumin ground
¼ tsp cumin seeds
3 cardamom pod (open pods and empty seeds into spices)
tub of ghee (from the grocery store , or make your own)
course sea salt
bundle of cilantro


Using a large sauce pan
Heat coconut oil over medium heat
Reduce heat then Add onion and garlic , sauté for 7 minutes stirring often
Add mustard seeds
Grate ginger and turmeric into the mix
Keep stirring
Empty three cardomom pods into the mix
Garam marsala
Cumin & cumin seeds
Stir and cook spices for another 5-7 minutes
Add rice and lentils stir up some more and then add 6 cups of water .

Continue stirring everything together until it comes to a near boil.
Cover and allow to simmer until the rice and beans are cooked completely .
Add more water as needed and more water as you get to know the consistency that you prefer .

Final Phase – ENJOY !

In the bottom of a bowl , toss ½ Tbs ( or more?) chopped cilantro leaves
Add a healthy tbs ghee (just rest the spoon in the bowl with the cilantro)
Add a generous sprinkling of course sea salt.
Add the juice of ½ lime (depending on your flavor preference — this is how I like it , you may prefer less lime juice—play with it)
Top off with several ladels full of your cooked kitchari!
Stir it up and enjoy !! right amount of lime juice and sea salt are key here. You will find your PERFECT flavor blue print .

Kitchari is incredible for breakfast , lunch or dinner … and also for all three! I hope you fall in love with this delicious , nourishing, cleansing food!!

Ready to dive in? Take a Wellness Flush & 24 Hour Spa Day in which Kitchari is your whole menu plan ! Treat yourself !

Dew Drop Wellness


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