Delphine’s Super Foods Pesto (…& it’s also vegan!)

Delphine’s Super Foods Pesto! (…& it’s also Vegan)


So Simple!   Pesto is a super versatile Fresh & Sassy  Summer Food that can be slathered onto  pretty much ANYTHING you choose to eat!!   Let’s check it out.

Start with one healthy bundle of organic Basil, remove the stems & place it in your food processor.

add one ( or  two … if you’d like your pesto to be a bit more nutrient dense) cloves of raw garlic ,

the juice of one whole  lemon (or a tad less depending on your taste preference),

1/8 – 1/4 cup of extra virgin Olive Oil (depending upon the consistency you are looking for)

Olive oil is great for your skin and for the health of your organs (including your Heart and your Brain)… so as far as I’m concerned? the more  you use the better!

2-3 tsp. nutritional yeast (totally optional),

sea salt to your  taste preference,

3 tbs ( + – ) hemp seeds (aka hemp hearts)  THIS ( & the fresh , raw basil)  is what makes this recipe  a super-foods pesto>   Hemp seeds add all:  omegas 3 , 6 & 9  plus  other great brain and blood  healing , building and cleansing qualities. You may also choose to sub  raw pumpkin seeds instead of hemp seeds. They’ll change the taste… but just a little bit.


Pulse  it up in your food processor for a minute or two  and pour it over your spiralized zucchini , or other steamed veggies and or pasta.   You Choose!  Most importantly : play with your food & enjoy this life to the fullest!


Praise for DDW & Delphine

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