Dew Drops Super Simple Kimchi Recipe DIY!

Dew Drops #DIY Super Simple Spicy Kimchi


I’m sure you have heard about how important it is to boost  a flourishing beneficial bacteria culture in your gut.   The topic is about probiotics and the myriad ways to get yours going strong in your own digestive tract.   Why?  A Healthy Gut is being positively linked to weight loss, combating depression, mental clarity,  severely boosting immune function, cleansing , clearing detoxification pathways and aiding in efficient PRODUCTIVE digestion.   I’m thinking that we ALL want some of that in our lives.  Did you know that we have up to SIX pounds of bacteria in our gut?   And that the 6 pounds is made up of both “good” and “bad” bacteria. Our job is to bombard and crowd out the bad bacteria with the good stuff. At the end of the day ; making your own is the very very best way to get to largest amount of probiotic goodness per serving.   There are so many recipes and I thought that for me; in order to cross the DIY in the wonderful world of  “FERMENTEDS”  I’d like to start with a most basic Kim chi .   It consists of less than 6 ingredients not too much equipment and an hour in your kitchen.   Enjoy your Kim Chi ADVENTURE!! stay tuned for more simple DIY probiotic sources you can make in your own kitchen.  Because as you know it is Dew Drop Wellness’s MISSION to make health , happiness and transformation available to you in the MOST user friendly way.

Alright! Let’s DO this!


YOU WILL NEED  1 and a half  large  heads of Napa cabbage ( save aside for later on:  4 or 5 “unholy” whole outer leaves) .



Slice  it  thinly with your best chef’s knife



Have your largest Bowl on hand


&  A ceramic crock with a weight (OR) several quart size mason jars. in this photo the weight sits inside the crock underneath the lid and keeps everything in order in there!



A few Tbs sea salt

Approximately 6 robust Cloves of Garlic smashed


¼ large red onion thinly slice with a mandolin preferrably


a sprinkle of red chili flakes

a sprinkle of jalapeño powder


This was my very first time making my own Kim Chi, so all of the amounts will vary after I taste it in 24 hours or so.


Step 1 create 1 layer of cabbage , all of the garlic and a light sprinkling of sea salt on the bottom of the bowl.


Step 2 Cover that layer with another layer of cabbage and sea salt and then top it with the sliced red onion.


Step 3 Add more cabbage to the top of the onions and then more sea salt … continue to layer cabbage then salt and so on until you’ve used it all up.   Top it with a sprinkle of each : red chili flakes and jalapeño powder . (Let it sit “sweating” — Or some people call it “weeping” for 30-45 minutes ; don’t mix yet! )


Step 4 After the cabbage has sat for up to 45 minutes then DIG ON IN!   start to massage it with your cleaned hands . It starts to look “cooked” see photo below.  Use your hands to break up the plant cell walls and to release some of the juices from the veggies.   Napa Cabbage is a really great “beginners’ recipe b/c it gives a LOT back and the process of creating a brine takes a lot less time.



Step 5 Before it gets too briny, (so that you don’t lose a drop of this precious liquid)  transfer everything to your jars or ceramic crock. Then continue to work it all down until the brine rises above the vegetable matter.


Step 6  take the reserved cabbage leaves and create a seal at the top of the veggie line. Make SURE to push all of the veggie matter beneath the level of water. You can use a weight for this . If you don’t have a fancy specialized crock with a weight; anything heavy will do; a brick, a jar of water etc…

IMG_9317             IMG_9318




IMG_9319             IMG_9320

see how the weight pushes the cabbage down and the brine up?   this is what you want.


Step 7   Cover it all up and allow to sit 48 hours. Check the flavor over the course and once you have to flavor you like. Transfer it (if it isn’t already) to jars and refrigerate!   Your Kimchi is READY to enjoy!



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